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Name Olga aka INGA 
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Beschäftigung Studentin in a russian university 
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Biographie Hellu! I do know not a single word in German so i'll try to tell in English though it's not my native language also. =) First of all: to Leandra:i've been registered here once in a while but i couldn't visit it cause of some connectiona problems. So i'm bery to see Leandra again and all the fans of her. And about myself. I was born in Russia but i'm only half russian. I also have ukrainen and polish blood. Thanks to my mum))_ SO...My father is a musician so he made me enter the music school when i was 6. I chose piano class as dad played the same. And i've been singing since the age of 3. I cannot imagine my life without music. For now i'm studing in the university but i DO FEEL - that's not my cup of tea. I love studing new languages,i love my keys and my digital home piano and i love singing as i said. So.....for now i'm seeking any chances to move to Germany where i could start my music career in a more proffecional way cause here in Russia it's so awful...Our local pop buisness owns all the stages in the counrty and it's spreaded everywhere so no one need any other type of music with any other type of feeling. This is it. 
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